The Bystander Effect

The Bystander Effect is a term that describes the phenomenon whereby individuals or groups of people ignore someone in distress (calling for help, being attacked, being abused) rather than going to help. Research has found that the more bystanders there are at an event the less likely any one person is to help. The term…

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Creativity and innovation psychologist Amantha Imber is founder of the award-winning innovation consultancy Inventium. She uses practical, science-based tools to help some of Australia’s best known corporates uncover innovative ideas and is author of The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically proven creativity boosters for work and for life.


Psychology is a scientific discipline and profession that focuses on human behaviour.  Through rigorous research and practice, psychology aims to understand people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour and enhance life by applying strategies and proven treatments to disorders as well as helping people improve their health, work, relationships and performance.