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Positive behaviour support

A behaviour management approach which focuses on understanding what individuals are trying to achieve by their behaviour. Problem behaviour persists because it serves a purpose and is an attempt to meet a person’s needs, however imperfectly. Psychologists work to understand the individual’s motivations and reinforce more constructive methods. This approach has proven useful in addressing…

Motivational interviewing

A psychological approach that assists in behaviour change by focusing on a person’s motivations for problem behaviour, examining the consequences of it and addressing their ambivalence about making positive change. The approach arose from work in the area of substance abuse and is now thought to be effective in addressing bullying and the management of…


Bullying occurs when an individual or group repeatedly behaves towards a specific individual with the intention of causing harm or distress. This can include physical, verbal, social or online attacks. Psychological research has shown that being bullied, being a bully or witnessing bullying are all associated with negative effects on mental health.


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is published by the American Psychiatric Society as a classification and diagnostic tool for mental health professionals. The fifth edition, known as the DSM-5, was published in 2013 after a long period of research, consultation and some controversy. It is one of the potential reference tools used…

Meditation is one way of managing stress.

Tips to manage stress

Learning to handle stress in healthy ways is very important. Fortunately, it is easy to learn simple techniques that help. These include recognising and changing the behaviour that contributes to stress, as well as techniques for reducing stress. The following tips can help you look after your mind and body, and reduce stress and its…