About Psychlopaedia

Psychlopaedia® is an online publication devoted to psychology. It aims to make this immense field – the discoveries, the disorders, treatments, as well as insights into the human mind and behaviour – accessible to all.

It is published by the Australian Psychological Society, the leading organisation for psychologists in Australia.

As well as publishing original content we will be aggregating, curating and sharing psychology news and views from around the web. We aim to be a place where you can come for all the latest and best news from psychology.

We believe psychology can help expand your mind and improve your life.

At Psychlopaedia® our mission is to grow a community with an interest in, and passion for, human behaviour and psychology by providing high quality content backed by the latest research.


The Communications team of the Australian Psychological Society publishes Psychlopaedia®.

For more information contact: editor@psychlopaedia.org.


Psychlopaedia® invites psychologists and other experts in this field to share their contributions and demonstrate how much psychology has to offer in the modern age.

We hope to uncover great psychology communicators who can bring insights into human behaviour to our community in interesting and entertaining forms (articles, opinions, blogs, podcasts, videos).

The focus will be on bringing quality evidence-based content to readers in an accessible form.

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The fine print

The information contained in Psychlopaedia® is for general purposes only and is no substitute for, and should not be construed as, advice. If you require assistance it is recommended that you personally consult a psychologist or other health professional. The APS FindAPsychologist Service can assist you to find a qualified expert in your area.

For more information on finding and consulting a psychologist in Australia, and the work of Australian psychologists, visit the Australian Psychological Society website at www.psychology.org.au.

We encourage the sharing of ideas. In any field, however, opinions are diverse.  Therefore, the views expressed in Psychlopaedia®, including those on external sites accessible via links, don’t necessarily represent the view or position of the Australian Psychological Society but are shared to facilitate idea exchange and intellectual expansion.

No responsibility or liability will be accepted in relation to damage caused arising from information or views expressed in Psychlopaedia® or external sites accessed via links. We also cannot accept any responsibility or liability in relation to the security of those external sites over which we have no administrative control.

We strive to ensure all information is referenced and factually correct and will make every effort to investigate and correct significant errors. Please contact the editor : editor@psychlopaedia.org.